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"Car trouble? No problem. Guls is your roadside assistance app."

Don't get stranded. Download Guls and get help now.

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• With a simple tap, request assistance for a towing, flat tire, dead battery (jump start) and empty fuel tank..

• We’ll automatically detect your precise location and dispatch the closest tow truck

• You’ll receive confirmation that help is on the way, who is coming and a precise time of arrival.

• You’ll be able to watch in real time on your phone as assistance comes to your location.

• Should you choose, you’ll be able to contact the driver directly at any time during the rescue

Pay by Cash Or Card

Guls knows that everyone feels different about paying with their cards. That’s why, Guls gives you a choice of paying with cash or card. You can add multiple cards on file, and choose to pay with any of them..

Use Promo Codes To Get Trip Discounts

On confirm booking screen, Tap Add Promo Code. Enter your promo code and tap Apply.

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