Guls Towing services provide you reliable, affordable and fastest services no matter where you are in Qatar.

Stuck on the side of the road? Involved in a collision? Did vehicle damage because of the malfunctioning of parts? Don’t panic, Our Breakdown towing services will save you.

How to connect with us?

Grab your mobile now and open your Guls to book a towing truck service to get your vehicle where ever you need. Stay Relaxed and track the status of the service you booked, We will reach out in a flash, Our mission is to deliver the service with quality and ease to the destination on time.

Our assurance: As long as you stay in Qatar, Guls takes care of the quality in service and is responsible for all your roadside towing assistance. All you need is to just download the App and stay relaxed.

Thanks to our well experienced and efficient drivers who are assisting a customer in every 5 minutes

Have you ever faced an unimaginable condition where your vehicle is broken down and you are stuck on the road?

Though you take more care of your vehicle, Situations are never expected! Especially when your vehicle gives you a hard time in the middle of the road with the malfunctioning of parts or your vehicle got stuck in an unexpected wreck, your vehicle needs to be transported to the service center. Flatbed towing trucks have flatbeds to get your vehicle with safety. We offer you the latest self-loading trucks to ensure you a fast, efficient, damage-free tow service in Qatar for you.


Guls Flatbed Towing comes with the safest flatbeds where the entire vehicle fits into the towing truck. Flatbed towing technique lifts up your vehicle off the ground while rolling back with an angle that avoids wear and tear of the vehicle and once loaded, it secures your vehicle by locking it up securely.

With the help of our experienced and trained towing technicians, your vehicle is 100% safe and will be delivered on time to the destination in Qatar.

Our Guls Flatbed services style!

Easy to track your towing truck arrival

Simple to book your truck on spot

Less probability in delays

On-time delivery

Specialist guidance

100% safe and secure

Best and affordable pricing

Expert drivers

Hassle-free payment

Use Guls to request roadside assistance services any time directly from your smartphone. Just open the app, enter your destination and click on towing service. Once the nearby tow truck accepts your request you will be able to track its arrival. Within a flash, Our emergency vehicle assistance expert will reach you and assist you with all necessities required.

Don't Panic in an emergency!